Garcima L-60 Professional 4-Ring Paella Burner

Garcima L-60 Professional 4-Ring Paella Burner

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Garcima L-60 Professional 4-Ring Paella Burner


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The "L" series from Garcima is the choice of many of our catering customers. The "L" stands for "lateral", meaning that rather than a single row of gas jets running along the top of each ring, the jets run along the sides of the rings, essentially doubling the number of jets and increasing the overall firepower of the burner. In addition, there is an extra ring in the center to ensure completely even heat coverage across the full cooking surface of your pan. 

As with all of our multi-ring burners, the rings are controlled independently, allowing for multiple sizes of pans to be used. Ring configuration for the L-60:
  • Outer ring is 24-1/2" diameter, controlled by 1 knob.
  • Middle is 15-1/2" in diameter, controlled by a second knob.
  • Inner rings are 3-1/2" and 8-1/4" in diameter, controlled as a unit by the third knob.
The L-60 will accomodate a 40-portion (32") pan when using all rings.
We recommend the reinforced legs for this unit due to its size.
And don't forget your regulator hose!
For outdoor use ony.

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